Read What Patients are Saying about Laser Surgery
with Dr. Stein

I spent my inheritance on the two things I have always wanted to do, laser eye surgery and fixing my teeth. I did a lot of research and found two great docs; I chose Dr. Stein based on his great reputation and experience. Wow, what a great choice. He and his whole staff were so great. AND I CAN SEE ! The laser surgery was so easy (for me and for him) and I would tell everybody that he is the guy to use to get your eyes done. It was a lot quicker than having my teeth fixed. If you want laser eye surgery, then he’s your guy.

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I write this note with immense gratitude for the incredible gift you have given me. You have restored my vision to a perfection that I, at 85 years, never expected. I am able to read, write, drive and function normally again without glasses which I have worn for forty years. With great delight and thanks to you, your staff, and that impressive technology throughout your offices, I feel whole again!

My welcome at the Bochner clinic was warm, efficient and reassuring, thanks to you and all of your very personable staff.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks,

Yours very sincerely,
Susan Walker

Dear Dr. Stein,

Remember me? I’m Cathy Scott’s uncle and you performed cataract surgery on my eyes last September/October. I am thrilled to report complete success. I read every letter on Paul Monk’s chart and declared 20/20 vision!

I cannot thank you enough for the caring and professional way in which I was treated by you and your staff. I am so appreciative of everything you did. Please pass on my thanks.

Everything is now so bright and clear. Living in Muskoka I am assailed by colour and beauty that I can now fully appreciate since you gave me “new eyes”

I wish you and your family all the best for the season.

Dave Lawton

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