Make Your Vision a Priority in the New Year

LASIK for the new year Toronto

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight, exercising, new hobbies or quitting smoking. These goals are worthy aspirations, but one thing your list may be missing is improving your vision. Laser vision correction with LASIK or PRK can open up your world and help you accomplish some of your other resolutions, such as exercising without cumbersome glasses and reading more. Making your vision a priority in 2022 will help you live life to the fullest for many years to come.

Men and women seek LASIK or PRK for various reasons and often don’t realize just how many ways improving their eyesight and eliminating glasses or contact lenses can do for everyday habits and experiences, such as:

1. Avoid Uncomfortable Issues with Contact Lenses

Winter in Ontario brings on cold, drier weather, and when you enter a warm (equally dry) environment, your contact lenses may irritate your eyes due to the lack of moisture. Swimming and high-contact sports can be complicated with glasses or contacts, affecting how well you play and preventing you from enjoying a casual swim or game. LASIK or PRK eliminates these issues.

2. Long-Lasting Results Equal Fewer Expenses Over Time

The lifetime cost of contact lenses, solutions, cases, backup prescription glasses and eye exams can add up. It’s estimated that the 10-year expense of contact lenses is more than 10,000 CAD and nearly 6,000 CAD for those who strictly wear glasses, which is more than the one-time cost of LASIK or PRK.

3. Reduce Eye Irritation from Touching Your Eyes Daily

Wearing contact lenses requires you to place them on your eye each morning and remove them at night. You should always wash your hands before placing or removing your contacts, but touching your eyes every day can introduce allergens or lead to infection or irritation. Some contact lens wearers may sleep in their contacts or wear them longer than intended, which further increases your risk of damage to the eye’s surface and infection. LASIK or PRK gets rid of these risks because you have crisp vision without corrective eyewear.

4. Be Ready in Emergencies & Travel Light

Emergencies don’t give you the option to wait until you’ve grabbed your glasses or put in your contact lenses. If there’s a house fire or other emergency in the middle of the night, you can address the situation and seek help right away with unimpeded vision after LASIK or PRK. Your packing list when you travel becomes a little shorter when you don’t have to worry about cases for contact lenses and glasses, solution, a cleaning cloth and back-ups.

5. Reveal a Fresh Look After LASIK or PRK

If you regularly wear prescription glasses, you and your loved ones are used to seeing you in them. When you have laser vision correction, you no longer need glasses, which will change your overall appearance and reveal a new version of you in 2022. LASIK or PRK can help you pursue other New Year’s resolutions free from the hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

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