Upgrade Your Lifestyle with LASIK

LASIK Improve Vision TorontoAt Bochner Eye Institute, one of the most rewarding parts of performing LASIK vision correction is hearing about the many ways that laser eye surgery has improved our patients’ daily lives. Achieving better vision without dependence on glasses and contacts allows our patients to enjoy experiences and activities in a completely new way!

If you are on the fence about LASIK, Dr. Raymond Stein and our team encourage you to consider some of the exciting lifestyle benefits of the surgery.

Respond to Your Child At a Moment’s Notice

If you’re a parent, especially to young children, LASIK can make your life considerably easier. Instead of focusing on where you left your glasses or whether a contact lens fell out, you can redirect that energy to your children.

It is so easy to respond to your child’s needs at a moment’s notice without first stopping to put in your contacts, or hold a squirming toddler without worrying about breaking your glasses or losing a contact.

Travel As Much or As Far As You’d Like

Having LASIK can simplify vacation and free you from the hassle of packing and maintaining corrective eyewear. You do not need to pack back-up lenses or hunt for contact lens solution in an unfamiliar location. You do not need to worry about getting sand in your eyes when wearing contacts. You can simply get in the car or on a plane and see the world with high-definition vision!

Enjoy Your Favorite Sports and Activities

LASIK provides the visual freedom to enjoy your favorite sports and activities without glasses or contacts. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you do not need to experience the frustration or discomfort of foggy, slippery glasses or uncomfortable contacts. You can focus solely on your performance and enjoyment of the game!

Enhance Your Academic or Work Performance

Worry-free vision can have a very positive effect on your job performance. If you are a first responder, you can react to a public safety threat immediately without the burden of glasses or contacts. If you work in an office setting or are pursuing a college degree, you can spend long hours in front of a computer without the glare or discomfort associated with corrective eyewear.

Bank the Money You Save on Glasses and Contacts

After making the upfront investment in LASIK, think of all the money you will save on the expense of glasses, contacts and their accoutrements! The costs of prescription eyewear can add up significantly over time, but thanks to LASIK you do not need to worry about expensive frames, lenses or boxes of contact lenses.

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